Fernando de Noronha goes solar


According to the agreement signed in Rio de Janeiro, Grupo Neoenergia will develop a five million BRL (Brazilian Real) or US$2.67 million PV system that will then be connected to the grid. The project is part of the energy efficiency program, approved by ANEEL, the Brazilian Electricity Regulatory Agency.

The system is expected to have a capacity of 400 kWp and generate 600 MWh annually. This accounts for about six percent of the population’s power needs.The whole project will be monitored by experts in the first year to identify potential areas of improvement.

The agreement was also signed with the Brazilian Air Force. According to Neoenergia’s notice on their website, the panels will be installed in an area belonging to the air force amounting to a total of six acres (approximately 0.02 square kilometers).

Currently only solar thermal power and diesel power plants are in use on the island. Annual diesel fuel consumption will be cut by nearly ten percent thanks to this new PV plan.

The German international cooperation agency GIZ and the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) are supporting this project. Neoenergia’s president Marcelo Correa stated, "We want to stimulate the development and application of this new technology on the island and contribute to the preservation of the environment."