CIGS Photovoltaics Markets-2012 report


The report brings up to date the situation of the CIGS industry. The CIGS sector, according to NanoMarkets, has promised more than it delivered and has gone through a slew of issues with Solyndra leading the way. Despite that, the industry has been shipping modules in significant quantities.

The report "CIGS Photovoltaics Markets-2012" will analyse the CIGS industry and its prospects for the future. NanoMarkets says that the report ought to be viewed as a guide, compiled with insider knowledge.

Both the standpoints of the technical and the commercial are closely examined. And it does so with a background in which it seems likely that many of the subsidies that have helped solar in the past will fade away and that the world economy will not return to the strong growth of the last decade for quite some time. The evolution of the technology as well as price parity with silicon panels are also in focus. The role of CIGS in BIPV will also be looked at in detail.

This report includes an eight-year forecast in volume and value terms of CIGS markets broken out by applications and product type. It also includes a discussion of the leading firms active in this space and their product/market strategies.