Polysilicon 2012-2016


GTM Research’s over-230 page report on the global polysilicon industry and market reports that the sector will undergo a major shakeout over the next two years, as the feedstock’s epic 2011 price declines will continue through 2013.

The research points that with the entrance of new players which bring capacity online and furthermore, incumbent suppliers fulfilling expansion plans fomented in the PV demand boom of yesterday, global polysilicon capacity is likely to double by 2013 over 2010 levels.

The PV demand market is a waning one as GTM Research states and oversupply has already started to open significant gaps in production scale and therefore cost structure between industry leaders and an increasingly marginalized group of new entrants.

The report will seek to answer the questions for competitive decision making. Will polysilicon prices remain at depressed levels or will they head upwards again? Who are the suppliers that wafer manufacturers can potentially count on? Which polysilicon processing technologies will give the competitive edge? More answers and analysis can be found in the complete report.