China: Satcon and GWPC develop PV partnership


The inverter manufacturer has said the partnership will allow it to strengthen its presence in China’s large-scale solar market. Under the terms, a non-exclusive contract manufacturing agreement has been worked out with GWPC, a majority-owned subsidiary of state-owned China Electronics Corporation and Satcon’s current contract manufacturer, Excelstor.

In a statement released, Satcon said, "Great Wall will closely support joint efforts by Satcon and Excelstor in aggressive cost reduction driven by design and supply chain improvements. Under the terms of the agreement, immediate cost reductions are provided in addition to medium- and long-term targets."

Additionally, a non-exclusive commercial sales and marketing agreement for the distribution of Satcon solar inverters for greater China has been signed, which will see GWPC committing to an initial 60 megawatts worth of Satcon’s PowerGate Plus solutions. They are expected to be delivered by April and utilized for Great Wall projects.

Both agreements will last for a period of five years.

Commenting, Satcon said that the partnership will allow it to take advantage of the around 14 GW non-residential photovoltaic pipeline in China, due to the fact that the "majority [of projects] are expected to be developed by China State Owned Entities."

"As the worldwide solar market continues to develop, the focus on both inverter performance and costs have intensified," added Steve Rhoades, CEO of Satcon. "The Great Wall partnership significantly strengthens our company, accelerates our cost reduction efforts and opens up a sizeable opportunity above and beyond our recent success in the China market."

The parties have been contacted for further details on the partnership and proposed photovoltaic projects.