Upsolar expands into the Balkans


Plan-net Solar is Upsolar’s exclusive distributor in Slovenia and has recently completed the project’s first phase of 783 kilowatts. The installation will consist of 230Wp polycrystalline modules. It is scheduled to be completed in the second half of this year.

This project is seen by Upsolar as its strategic move into the up-and-coming Balkan market. "Upsolar’s market flexibility and knowledge of global developments is vital to broadening our customer network. With teams in place across Europe, we are able to maintain growth in major markets while simultaneously exploring opportunities for expansion in developing areas," said Enrico Carniato, Europe sales director for Upsolar. "By partnering with a trusted name like Plan-net Solar to bring our quality modules to Slovenia, we can assure local customers of a secure, long-term solar investment."

"Our collaboration with Upsolar is a strong asset in our mission to expand solar implementation in Slovenia," said Marko Femc, general manager of Plan-net Solar. "The company’s product variety, including modules equipped with power optimizer technology and unique framing options, is especially attractive to customers in this region. We’re confident our joint efforts will enhance the solar experience for our customer base and help to facilitate increased adoption of renewable energy across the greater Balkan region."

Upsolar’s director of Project Development Sebastien Prioux and senior Europe sales manager Anne Torricelli will provide insight on the Balkan solar market and Upsolar’s movement in the region during the Solar Balkans 2012 event, March 28-30 in Sofia, Bulgaria.