Germany: Off to Ulm for battery development


In order to make the switch over to electric mobility, efficient and reliable high-performance batteries are necessary. Untersteller informed those gathered in Ulm today about the development of the battery industry and its associated value addedness to the state Baden-Württemberg and Germany.

ZSW professor Werner Tillmetz informed visitors about the development of activities undertaken in battery system technology and demonstrated extensive safety testing capabilities at the center.

Researchers in Ulm are developing advanced methods for electrical and thermal monitoring of batteries. Testing of batteries under extreme conditions was also displayed today. Electrical, mechanical and thermal tests for batteries and their systems of up to a size of 20 kilowatt-hours were shown.

It was additionally made clear at the research center in Ulm that as part of the "National Development Plan for Electric Mobility", the government ought to create a German battery association of manufacturers, suppliers and researchers that can drive structural change in the domestic economy. The technology, after all, promises billions of euros in revenue.