Germany: Environment Minister, Altmaier wants EEG overhaul


Today Altmaier officially stated in Berlin that such a reform is "absolutely inevitable and necessary". He believes that there has been an "over-subvention" situation and a "disproportionate increase in the EEG allocation within a short period". This has crippled the market competitiveness of renewable energy and led to increased costs, according to the CDU minister.

The EEG has also focused too much on quantitative development, points out Altmaier. A "lack of coordination" is also cited as a problem. He sees the need for quick coordination of regional and geographical development of renewable power, as well as a co-relation to grid integration and conventional fuel sources.

Apart from the overhaul of the subsidy payments system, the bill is also slated to include storage. Altmaier does not see a short- or medium-term storage policy. Storage will be anchored in the EEG.

A series of EEG dialogues will take place between November 2012 and May 2013. Five main themes will take center stage: photovoltaics, biogas, wind energy, storage, and the combined expansion, scenarios, models and costs.