Work underway on India's first CSP plant


Located in near Nokh Village, Pokhran Tehsil, in India’s Jaisalmer District, the 50 MW CSP project has been contracted by Lauren Engineers & Constructors (I) Private Limited (LECI).

Overall, Germany-based Schott Solar has supplied 17,000 of its PTR 70 receivers to the project, which is said to be the first of 500 MW worth of CSP projects scheduled to be installed under the first phase of India’s Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission.

"Size, quality and execution speed of this landmark project prove India’s resolve to make CSP technology a pillar in its quest to develop solar power. With abundant sunshine and vast power needs, the country is best placed to utilize such advanced solar technology to its full advantage," stated Patrick Markschläger, who was appointed managing director of Scott Solar CSP on October 1.

In related news, the company has said it will start production on its fourth generation of CSP receivers. In a statement released, it said, "Schott Solar has managed to increase the absorption level to over 95.5 percent by further developing a coating for its receivers. At the same time, heat radiation was lowered to under 9.5 percent."