Work on 92 MW US PV plant complete


The first phase – 92 MW – of the Copper Mountain Solar 2 project is comprised of nearly 1.5 million First Solar thin film photovoltaic panels. It is expected to generate enough energy for 27,600 homes, with the electricity being sold to Pacific Gas & Electric under a 25-year contract.

Construction on the project began last December by the Sempra Energy subsidiary. Overall, it expects to complete the full 150 MW by 2015.

"Sempra has been a great partner in turning Boulder City’s vision of a dedicated solar energy zone into a reality," commented Boulder City Mayor, Roger Tobler.

He added, "The economic benefits that these projects bring into our community directly benefit our citizens. That steady stream of revenue has allowed Boulder City to continue to provide vital services and still move forward with our intention to be debt free in the next few years."

Last March, Sempra completed its first 48 MW Copper Mountain project. It then announced in August that it would expand it by 150 MW.