UK’s ROC changes to boost PV supplier revenues in Q1 2013


According to NPD Solarbuzz, an increase in ground-mount photovoltaic project activity is anticipated ahead of the U.K. government’s changes to its ROC scheme, which will take effect in April 2013.

In its latest report, UK PV Market Entry Guide: New Revenue Opportunities, the company says that while a photovoltaic pipeline worth "hundreds of megawatts" was generated throughout 2012, the successful projects delayed buying the necessary components on the back of continuing falling prices.

However, NPD Solarbuzz now expects a "frantic rush" for low-priced photovoltaic components, which Asian module, inverter and racking suppliers are said to be hoping to take advantage of.

Vice president, Finlay Colville adds that by mid-2012, over 4,000 certified photovoltaic installers could be found in the U.K., which created problems for overseas suppliers in determining who to create long-term supply relationships with.

"The growth of the ground-mount segment will assist in filtering down the list of downstream survivors, with many of these companies participating in the Q1’13 demand pull over the next few months," he said.

To date, the U.K. has installed over 1.3 GW of photovoltaics. NPD Solarbuzz predicts that by the end of this year, that figure will have risen to 1.6 GW. It adds that since the country is viewed as a relative low investment risk and its domestic manufacturing base is small, many photovoltaic component suppliers are said to be now planning long-term strategies for the market.