Mage Solar and Salt Service complete 24kW offgrid project


96 of Mage Solar’s Mage Powertec Plus monocrystalline modules were installed on the solar array. Salt Service designed, developed and executed the installation, raising the custom-made platform to provide a covered pavillion for visitors. 48-volt batteries have also been installed for storage purposes.

The island of Pigeon Key located between Key West and Key Largo has been dependent on diesel generators for electricity. "The installation of solar power was a natural choice," said Pigeon Key Foundation Chairman Jason Koler. "The diesel system, while revolutionary when it was installed, became an increasing environmental and financial liability. Our mission is to protect our natural resources and with this new power source we will continue to inspire a new generation of environmental stewards."

Salt Service President, Chuck Meier, stated, "It was very rewarding to observe the expression on the faces of those who have been operating and maintaining the generators for years when the solar was turned on and the generator turned off. Everyone enjoyed the overwhelming ‘sound of silence’".