Portuguese PV grows steadily


In October there was only 300 kW of new photovoltaic projects installed, however from January to October 2012 there were 37.9 MW of new installations. This can be seen as a positive result, when compared to 2011 installations when the country added 32.4 MW of new photovoltaic projects.

The figures announced might sound modest, however they do demonstrate the steady growth of the Portuguese photovoltaic market.

The news is particularly positive after fears expressed last year about a clear mandate given by a Troika, comprising the International Monetary Fund, the European Central Bank and the European Union, to the Portuguese Government asking them to reduce the country’s FITs for solar parks. The FIT price cuts were part of a series of measures required of the Portuguese Government in exchange to a €78 million bailout, approved by the EU finance ministers on May 16.

New Mini-Generation and Micro-Generation FITs Published

Furthermore, the Portuguese Government has recently announced the new FITs for mini-generation (up to 3.68 kW) and micro-generation (up to 250 kW) installations for 2013. FITs for both systems types have been reduced by 30 percent bringing the FIT price for mini-generation installations at €151 per MWh, and the FIT price for micro-generation projects at €196 per MWh.

FIT price reductions, the Portuguese Government argues, have been made to reflect the solar energy market evolution and the price reduction of photovoltaic components. The Portuguese Government also allocated an 11 MW capacity for micro-generation installations in 2013, but didn’t provide information on the allocated capacity for mini-generation.