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The weekend read: Portugal’s enormous PV potential

Portugal’s PV tenders have generated headlines on the back of world-record tariffs. But the country has failed to add meaningful capacity and is now struggling to establish a workable licensing system. Merchant solar shows enormous potential to drive the market, but will politicians listen?

The Hydrogen Stream: Novel tech for extracting hydrogen gas from liquid carriers

North Carolina State University (NCSU) has developed an energy-efficient strategy for room-temperature hydrogen release from liquid hydrogen carriers, which uses less rhodium. Elsewhere in the world, Airbus launched its Zero Emission Development Centre in the UK, Toshiba ESS teamed up with Fusion Fuel to target Australian and European markets, and Corfo signed agreements to finance three renewable hydrogen projects with GNL Quintero, iCAP, and Air Liquide in Chile.


PV module degradation mechanisms at a glance

An international team of researchers have published a review of all factors affecting PV module performance. They looked at mainstream crystalline silicon technology, thin-film solar, perovskites, and organic solar cells, and offered insight on reliability, quality and testing standards.

Wacker to expand silicon metal production in Norway

Polysilicon manufacturer Wacker has launched a feasibility study for its expansion plans in Norway. It said its production capacity in the village of Holla could increase by 50% by 2025.


Siemens to use award-winning inverters in solar projects

The German developer has committed to buying central inverters from Basque manufacturer Vizcaya, with the latter predicting it will supply the goods on a gigawatt scale annually.

Analyst predicts extent of rise in this year’s solar capital costs

Wood Mackenzie this week made a slew of predictions for the industry in 2022 and noted the effects the US’ recently announced anti-circumvention investigation is already having on utility scale plans.

British developer gets green light for 200 MW battery

The Heysham site is intended to reduce curtailment from half a dozen offshore wind farms and to replace local grid services which will be lost when two nearby nuclear reactors are powered down.


Irish authorities approve subsea power link to France

Ireland has given the green light to install a 700 MW, high-voltage direct current submarine power cable between its southern coast and the northwestern coast of France.


Multifaceted ferrocene interlayer for 23.45%-efficient perovskite solar cell

The cell stability was improved with the addition of ferrocene at the perovskite/spiro-OMeTAD interface. It was able to retain around 70% of its initial efficiency after 1,250 hours.

Open-source software to identify best locations for PV projects in urban areas

The proposed methodology relies on geographic information and meteorological data. Project developers can use it to evaluate the potential energy production by a photovoltaic system for either a long or short time.


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