UK solar centre of excellence launched


Private company BRE yesterday opened its National Solar Centre at St Austell, Cornwall in the south west of England, and will offer data analysis; training in installation, design and sales; due diligence on large-scale solar projects; and help formulate construction standards as well as providing a link to solar research and supplementing the STA‘s work to give the solar industry a voice in the UK.

STA’s solar PV specialist Ray Noble helped to develop the centre – which will offer some of its training programs in Watford, England.

Paul Barwell, CEO of STA, who attended the launch event, said: "This is great news for the UK solar industry, and very timely.

"Given the rapid growth of the industry in the past two years, there is a real need for an independent centre of information and expertise. The BRE is a well-established authority on the built environment and is very well placed to deliver this project.

"We are delighted Ray Noble has been instrumental in the development of the centre, and we are already in discussions with BRE on developing collaborative projects involving the centre."