Ukraine adopts reduced PV tariffs


The amendments announced on February 1 were made to Ukraine’s "On Electric Power Industry" law. Under them, tariffs for biofuels and hydroelectric power have been increased, while those for photovoltaics have been significantly lowered.

As such, tariffs for ground-mounted systems have fallen by 27%, for rooftop systems over 100 kW by 22% and for rooftop systems under 100 kW by 16%. The tariffs are said to be revised on a monthly basis, based on the exchange rate of the euro against the UAH. See table below for the new rates:

Effective green tariff

New green tariffRetail Tariff for the 2nd Voltage Class ConsumersGreen coefficientPeak period coefficient
Ground-mounted PV plants465.3339.2653.853.51.8
Rooftop PV systems >0.1 MW445.9348.5553.853.61.8
Rooftop PV systems <0.1 MW426.5358.6453.853.71.8
Private rooftop PV systems <16 kW387.2753.854.01.8

All tariffs are shown in Ukrainian grivna (UAH). 1UAH equals around USD0.12 or €0.10.

The draft law, "On Introducing Changes to the Law of Ukraine ‘On the Power Sector’", was first adopted by the parliament last July 4, and then again on November 22. The changes will come into effect on April 1, 2013.

Edited by Becky Beetz.