Mexico: Work on 27 MW PV plant underway


When complete, the project, located in La Paz, in the northernmost Mexican state of Baja California, will comprise 112,500 245Wp photovoltaic modules. It is expected to generate an estimated 44.24 GWh annually, according to the permit announcement on CRE’s website.

Initial work on the photovoltaic plant started in September 2012 with soil testing and terrain preparation, and will now continue with the acquisition of power generation equipment and mounting of the support structures and photovoltaic panels. Meanwhile, it is due to start commercial operations this September.

Grupotec Energy de Mexico will not be permitted to sell or resell electricity from the new solar plant to any other buyer aside from CFE, in accordance with the terms of a corresponding power purchase agreement to be signed with CFE.

The permit was issued with an indefinite validity and can be terminated only in four possible scenarios: (i) if the company is disbanded, (ii) the contracted is revoked by CRE because of non-compliance, (iii) a six month delay in the start of construction works occurs, or (iv) if Grupotec renounces the permit in writing.

Grupotec Mexico is a subsidiary of Valencia-based renewable energy group Grupotec that specializes in roof-mounted PV installations in industrial premises segment, in which it holds a leadership position in the Spanish market with more than 40 MW installed. The group developed more than 350 MW in projects located in Spain, France, Italy, Italy, USA and Ecuador.

Edited by Becky Beetz.