SEIA: US PV system prices fall despite tariffs


Q3 2012 U.S. photovoltaic system prices declined compared to Q2 2012, despite the punitive tariffs imposed on imports of Chinese modules. In a quarterly overview of the market, conducted on behalf of the Solar Energy Industry Association (SEIA) by GTM Research, average prices have, depending on customer group, changed in comparison to the previous quarter as follows:

  • Prices for small private rooftop systems fell 4.4% to US$5.21/W
  • In the non-residential sector, prices dropped 3% to $4.18/W
  • For large photovoltaic plants in the utility sector, prices decreased 7.7% to $2.40/W

Despite this, the rate of installed photovoltaic capacity between Q2 and Q3 decreased, continued the SEIA report. In comparison to Q3 2011, capacity fell 44% to 684 MW. A connection between this and the tariffs cannot be drawn according to the association, however, since the quarterly results vary significantly due to the realization of large-scale projects.

Photovoltaic module prices have also not increased. The average sales price in Q3 was $0.75/W, down $0.12 compared to Q2 2012.

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Translated by Becky Beetz.