SolarWorld interested in Bosch's solar production


This news comes amidst SolarWorld’s recent statement where the company expressed expected losses of more than half a billion. SolarWorld’s Asbeck has been trying to negotiate with banks and creditors on a way to restructure the company’s finances. There has not been any agreement made thus far. Asbeck has told local media that negotiations have been, nevertheless, "constructive."

Bosch, on the other hand, confirmed in March its exit from the solar business with plans to quickly sell its solar units. Spokesperson Katrin Lauterbach told pv magazine that a continuation of the business in the area of crystalline photovoltaics is not economic and, even a substantial risk. In the meantime, Bosch has already been receiving offers from interested parties.

Additionally SolarWorld announced the sale of its large-scale PV projects in Germany and the U.S. The plants have a total capacity of 46 MW. The German project, located in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, has a nominal capacity of 21.3 MW and was acquired by White Owl Group.

Two other power plants in California with an overall nominal capacity of 25 MW were sold to Duke Energy Renewables.