Lightsource, Juwi partner on 12.5 MWp UK plant


German project developer Juwi is teaming up with U.K. solar company Lightsource Renewable Energy to oversee two solar farms with an installed capacity of 12.48 MWp.

Lightsource purchased the two large-scale solar farms and added their installed capacity of 12.48 MWp to its asset management portfolio in the U.K. Juwi to has signed an operations and maintenance contract with Lightsource to ensure both plants perform at optimal generation levels.

Lightsource CEO Nick Boyle said, "When comparing the U.K. with countries in Europe like Spain and Germany, solar PV here is still in its infancy. Collaborating with experts like Juwi enable us to gain valuable experience and expertise, pushing the U.K. solar PV industry to maturity."

Boyle added that recent speculation that Britain could experience an energy drought in five years’ time needed to be seriously addressed. "Solar PV is a technology that can and will make a difference; we just need to pull together as an industry to show people that it can," Boyle said.

Solar farms are becoming increasingly popular in the U.K. as they provide attractive land diversification options for farmers. Solar farm areas can also be used to graze small livestock.