Canadian Solar fits 30 MW of rooftops in Suzhou


Canadian Solar has completed construction of 30 MW worth of rooftop solar installations in the Chinese city of Suzhou.

Described by Canadian Solar chairman and CEO Shawn Qu as "one of the first major successes of China’s Golden Sun program" and, in a Canadian Solar press statement as "historic in size, complexity and scale", the installation spanned 129 buildings with 300,000 square meters of concrete roofs and 200,000 square meters of steel structures.

Construction of the 30.2 MWp scheme was finished in June and connection is set to be completed next month.

In the company statement, Chinese manufacturer Canadian Solar said it expects to sell a ‘majority’ of the installations on to rooftop owners and other investors.

The installation, which is expected to generate 32.8 million kWh in its first year of operation, according to Canadian Solar, used the company’s CS6P-245P panels.