Komax Solar to be sold


Despite the announcement of the sale, Komax Group CEO Beat Kaelin and Komax Solar CEO Walter Nehls have stated that it is business as usual for Komax Solar, which manufactures crystalline and thin film photovoltaic equipment for production and testing. The search to find a buyer has now begun.

The joint CEOs issued the following statement: "In view of the leading market position for Komax Solar, the Board of Directors decided to sell the business unit Komax Solar to a viable third party". The decision was made based on the need to balance the business profiles of the Group’s various businesses with its investment capabilities.

Komax Solar is one arm of the group. The others include Komax Wire and Komax Medtech.

A suitable buyer is expected to enhance Komax Solar’s position in the photovoltaic market and the Group has expressed its vested interest in seeing to it that Komax Solar be successful under the new owner. Komax Solar is meanwhile continuing investment into technology, new products and better processes according to the CEOs. There will also be no change to the support and equipment Komax Solar customers receive, stated Kaelin and Nehls.

70 workers were already made redundant in June last year as a response to the "challenging economic environment".