Brazil: 695 MW of PV applications


Brazil‘s national electricity agency ANEEL has announced it has received 30 requests for authorization to develop 694.7 MW of PV plants.

Notices about the requests were published by Hélvio Neves Guerra, ANEEL’s superintendent of generation concessions and permits, in Brazil’s state gazette Diário Oficial da União (DOU) on Tuesday.

Renewables developer Enel Green Power Desenvolvimento submitted a request to install the 20 MW Santis I, 30 MW Santos II and 30 MW Santos III plants in Xique municipality, in Brazil’s northeastern Bahia state, according to the DOU report. The company also wants to install a 5 MW Xique Xique in the same municipality.

ANEEL revealed developer MPX Energia, now renamed Eneva and a subsidiary of E.ON, wants to build a 20 MW Tauá III and 20 MW Tauá IV in Tauá municipality in the northeastern state of Ceará.

The energy regulator also said Crateus Solar Geração e Comercialização De Energia Eletrica is planning a 50 MW Crateus Solar PV plant in Crateus municipality in Ceará state, while developer Caridade I applied for authorization to build the 5 MW Caridade I in the state’s Caridade municipality.

Salvador-based energy company Bondia Energia submitted requests for authorization for four PV plants with a combined capacity of 105 MW in Ibicoara municipality in Bahia. The plants would be a 15 MW Ibicoara 1 and three 30 MW plants (Ibicoara 2-4).

Bahia proves a PV hotspot

Also with its sights on Bahia, Alba Energia wants to build a 15 MW Lapa 1, 30 MW Lapa 2 and 30 MW Lapa 3 in the municipality of Bom Jesus da Lapa. Enel Green Power Desenvolvimento applied for permission to build the 10 MW Bom Jesus da Lapa I and three 30 MW plants (numbers II to IV).

Bahia state, which has the longest coastline in Brazil, also attracted the interest of Aurora Energia which wants to install 30 MW plants Aguas Belas 1 and 2 in the state’s Lajedinho municipality. Desenvix Energias Renovaveis applied for a 30.15 MW Brotas de Macaúbas in a Bahia municipality of the same name.

Brsol Energia Renovável wants authorization for four PV plants, including three 30 MW plants (Brsol 101/102/103) and the 5 MW Brsol 104, to be built in Bahia’s Irecê and João Dourado municipalities. Renova Energia also petitioned ANEEL to install its 30.24 MW Caetité I plant in Bahia’s Caetité municipality.

North of Bahia, in the coastal state of Pernambuco, Companhia Energética de Petrolina applied for a 29.38 MW Petrolina solar plant in Petrolina municipality.

Also in northeast Brazil, in the state of Rio Grande do Norte, Dobrevê Energia wants to install the 10.02 MW Morro do Sol I in João Câmara municipality, while PCE Power Empreendimentos De Geração De Energia applied for a 15 MW Santana do Matos I PV plant.