Singulus Technologies develop crystalline solar cells production line for Lithuania's BOD Group


Lithuanian Prime Minister Algirdas Butkevicius – along with German ambassador to Lithuania, Matthias Mülmenstädt and the Mayor of Vilnius, Arturas Zuokas – will today attend an opening ceremony in Vilnius to mark the commissioning of a new production line for crystalline solar cells in the Lithuanian capital.

The production line has been supplied by German manufacturer Singulus Technologies to the BOD Group High Technology Center L.I.G.H.T. The two companies first signed an agreement at the beginning of 2012 for the supply of a production line for solar cells in Lithuania.

Singulus Technologies will supply all key components of the production line, including manufacture of the silicon solar cells and the supply of the wet-chemical facilities required for texturing and cleaning, as well as the vacuum systems for applying anti-reflective coatings.

"Singulus Technologies has installed the entire cell production line under the brand name of Solare on schedule and has already made cells of an excellent standard during the commissioning phase," said president and CEO of Singulus Technologies, Stefan Rinck. "Our new development agreement with the BOD Group includes in particular enhancing cell efficiency and reducing the cost of manufacturing cells. In harness with the BOD Group as our venture partner, that means that in the future we will be able to offer the basis for manufacturing highly efficient solar cells at a low cost."

CEO of the BOD Group, Vidmantas Janulevicius, added: "In commissioning this plant we are very proud to be supporting the goals of expanding renewables in Lithuania, in this specific case photovoltaics.

"Our collaboration with Singulus Technologies has been hugely successful, as the performance data for the first solar cells tested show. We chose Singulus because we have been long acquainted with the company as a leading supplier of vacuum technology and we are impressed by the concept of the production line with integral Singulus systems. We also intend to use the production plant from Singulus Technologies in developing PERC solar cell technology and have already placed orders for the machinery in question."

Singulus will provide its Singular XP vacuum coating machine for the rear passivation of crystalline PERC solar cells, and a polishing and etching plant of the type LINEA II.