juwi connects commercial clean energy scheme to UK grid


juwi Renewable Energies Ltd. – a Birmingham, U.K.-based subsidiary of juwi group – last week completed an innovative renewable energy programme for KL Technologies.

The Kings Lynn company has invested in juwi’s expertise to create a hybrid solar and wind power plant that provides as much as 80% of its energy needs.

Although the 1.33 MW solar PV plant was completed in June 2012, the recent addition of a 61-meter, 1.5 MW wind turbine brings the plant to full power generation capacity, locking in low energy costs for KL Technologies for the foreseeable future.

Since the solar plant was connected to the company’s power grid last year, it has fed in an estimated 2,000 MWh of clean energy. The addition of the wind turbine means that KL technologies can now source the majority of its energy needs from renewable sources, and is an encouraging example of how solar and wind power can work together to help companies meet their goals of cheaper and cleaner energy.

"We save money and secure jobs by stabilizing our energy costs," said KL Technologies‘ financial director, Mark Hamilton. "The plant provides a real financial benefit to the company. With energy price increases expected each year for the foreseeable future we have locked in an electricity rate that allows the project to pay for itself while fixing our electricity price at a level where we can operate without fear of untenable energy costs."

Project developers juwi added that the project proved tricky to implement initially, but the company’s experience in dealing with complex sites enabled it to fulfill KL Technologies‘ ambitions. "We had to work around an existing industrial facility and connect the plant to it while the business was in full operation," said juwi Renewable Energies Limited MD, Jan Sisson. "We constructed the plant with lower costs so we could run it economically even with the lower FIT."

Since the solar plant was installed, KL Technologies confirm that local and staff response has been universally positive. "Employees see the investment in a UK manufacturing plant as very positive for the sustainability of the site," added Hamilton. "Customers also like the idea that their product is made by using eco-friendly energy, and the profile of the site within the local community has also increased significantly."

juwi’s track-record in both wind and solar power is burgeoning on an almost daily basis. The company has installed 1,500 PV plants globally, with a combined solar power capacity of 1,350 MW, while the company’s wind installations total 730 in number and 1,500 MW in combined capacity. The company has invested more than €5 billion in creating these clean energy projects, which provide enough clean energy annually to power 1.4 million German households.