Ontario predicts future energy mix


The Ontario Power Authority (OPA) has predicted almost half of the province’s energy will come from renewables by 2025.

The OPA this week revealed the results of a three-month consultation exercise carried out to update its Long Term Energy Plan (LTEP).

After canvassing opinion from July to September, the results were revealed in an updated LTEP on Monday.

The phasing-in of renewable energy sources has been extended by three years and the OPA is predicting that the 28% of energy currently supplied from renewable sources, including more than 900 MW of PV, will rise to 46% in 12 years’ time.

The proportion of energy supplied by natural gas will rise just 1% from 11% to 12% and nuclear’s share is expected to fall from 59% today to 42% with the current 2% of energy supplied from coal-powered plants expected to have disappeared entirely by 2025.

As part of the updated energy plan, the OPA has pledged to come up with a new competitive procurement program for renewables projects larger than 500 kW in size and to increase the participation of the province’s indigenous communities in renewables generation.