EU smart cities project launched


The first phase of a European Commission-funded knowledge-sharing project focused on smart cities was held in Denmark on Wednesday.

ICT clusters in four EU member states met in Aalborg to draft a knowledge map of the areas of smart city technology research being held in each location.

The meeting was the first stage of the CLINES project, funded by €2 million (US$2.7 million) of EU cash.

Danish technology company Brains Business was joined by counterparts from Germany (BICCnet), Spain’s Basque country (GAIA-Cluster TEIC) and Belgium (DSP Valley) at the first meeting of the 36-month project.

CLINES – the cluster-based innovation through embedded systems technology scheme – will aim to help small businesses in the EU invest in innovation, develop new joint sources of funding and develop smart specialization strategies to give Europe a lead in exploiting the business opportunities offered by smart energy-efficient cities.

As well as the ICT clusters, the CLINES project also involves Aalborg University, the Fundacion Tecnalia Research and Innovation, Munich Technical University and the Flemish Agency for Innovation, Science and Technology.