Manz secures largest single battery order to date


Germany’s Manz AG has this week received its largest single order to date in the consumer battery market in a development that could catalyze sustained growth for the company in the sector.

Specific details of the large order have yet to be published, but a Manz spokesperson told pv magazine that the order boosts the company’s aim to develop its battery division further. "We are perfectly positioned to supply equipment to the consumer electronic industry as well as the energy storage industry and the e-mobility market," said the spokesperson. "The acquisition of Arcotronics [now Manz Italy] enables us to deliver solutions to the consumer electronics industry – a market that already has huge potential for us. The markets for e-mobility and energy storage also possess great future potential but are – by far – not as big yet as the consumer electronic market."

Having realized its first project in the large-scale battery application field in 2013 following a €4.5 million order from Saft, Manz expects this latest order to contribute significantly to its revenues and earnings for the second half of the year.

In expanding into the lithium-ion battery segment, Manz’s product diversification can help the company guard against market volatility, said Manz founder and CEO Dieter Manz.

"We will achieve record revenues in the battery business segment with this large order as well as the consolidated revenues from the newly acquired Manz Italy," he said. "This development gives us reason to be very positive for the full year, enabling us to confirm our forecast of significant growth in revenues within the entire group and increased profitability."

The order involves a fully integrated production line, with Manz also providing process know-how and other essential elements. "The potential for follow-up orders is huge, and will strengthen our position as an equipment and technology provider for the production of lithium-ion batteries," added the CEO.