TBEA Sunoasis reveals plus-1 GW Chinese PV plans


The solar arm of Chinese corporation Tebian Electric Apparatus Stock Co. has revealed this week grandiose plans to add more than 1 GW of solar PV capacity in China.

TBEA Sunoasis has confirmed that it has entered into an agreement with the regional government of Inner Mongolia to build a 1 GW solar PV plant in the province. The investment will run alongside an additional 1 GW wind power plant that, combined will require total funding of more than $3.2 billion.

The administration office of Inner Mongolia’s Alxa League has set its sights on establishing a clean energy base for this vast area of the country, and has called upon TBEA Sunoasis to deliver. The project will be constructed across three phases, with the first phase set to add 100 MW of solar PV capacity by May next year.

Elsewhere in China, TBEA Sunoasis has also signed a development contract with Xinjiang’s Liushuquan Farm State-Owned Assets Management Co. of 13th Division of the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, which governs Awat Country in the province. The contract will see TBEA add a 100 MW solar PV plant at Liushuquan Farm, with an additional 41 MW PV project in Awat Country.