Texan PV developer to add 145 MW PV in 2014


PV power plant integrator and project developer OCI Solar Power is continuing with its plan to develop 400 MW of PV capacity in its home state of Texas. Its 2014 developments will total 145 MW in capacity and includes the 39 MW Alamo 4 installation, which it recently completed, and the 5.5 MW Alamo 3 and 100 MW Alamo 5 projects.

In an interesting development, OCI Solar Power is working with local PV manufacturers on its Alamo 3 and 5 projects, tapping local module producer Mission Solar Energy, Sun Action Trackers along with inverter supplier Kaco.

"The progress we’re making with the opening and construction of new projects means more than half of our Texas projects are now complete or underway," said OCI Solar Power President and CEO Tony Dorazio. "This also means the number of solar jobs in the state is increasing."

The PV power plants are being developed by OCI Solar Power under a deal to supply 400 MW of solar capacity to community-owned utility CPS Energy. The deal is said to be the largest of its type between a municipal utility and private company.

OCI Solar Power and partner CPS Energy hope to create 800 permanent jobs in the Greater San Antonio area, in the solar sector, through the projects.

OCI Solar Power is keeping things relatively close to home with its Alamo projects – relative to Texas’ size that is. All three PV power plants are located in the southwest of the state, with Alamo 4 in Bracketville, not far from the Mexican border. Ulvade is the location for the vast Alamo 5, which is 80 miles west of San Antonio. It will cover more than 1,000 acres of private land. Alamo 3 is in the San Antonio area, with OCI Solar Power working with the San Antonio River Authority for the lease of the land.