Newly established Solara takes over CentroSolar's off-grid unit


In Germany, the newly established Solara GmbH will continue sales of off-grid systems originally sold by the now insolvent CentroSolar.

Founded by longtime CentroSolar employees Frank Heise, Walther Grauerholz and Mirko Held, Solara took over CentroSolar’s Stand Alone Systems division in August. Solara has acquired the entire off-grid customer and supplier structure as well as all international and European rights to the Solara brand.

"The valuable Solara brand will retain the competence, know-how and the network that will enable a promising start to Solara GmbH," said CentroSolar insolvency administrator Gideon Boehm.

"The acquisition of the Stand Alone System division ensures the survival of the very well-known brand Solara, particularly in the leisure segment, and we can also focus on other business fields in Germany that are independent of subsidies," said Heise. "Our goal is to develop the areas of mobile and stationary applications nationally and internationally, as well as expand the existing battery and micro systems business for single and multi-family households in the domestic market."

There are significant synergies in terms of technical know-how and suppliers in both new business areas, the company added. The Solara modules will continue to be produced at the former Centrosolar-owned Sonnenstromfabrik GmbH manufacturing plant in the city of Wismar, which was acquired by Solar-Fabrik AG in July.

"We can still offer our customers the usual high-quality modules, made in Germany, in the future, since SolarFabrik also took over the employees in addition to production,” said Grauerholz. "Our customers can continue to obtain the well-known and proven products and rely on their above-average high product and performance guarantees.

The Solara product line includes crystalline solar modules, all balance of system components and complete systems. The modules are mainly used in the leisure sector, for example, on boats and motorhomes as well as for rural electrification in developing countries. Solara modules have been available worldwide for the past 18 years.