Accelerator-backed Wunder launches U.S. solar fund


Investors are being given opportunities to take a stake in U.S. solar projects, through a fund created by startup Wunder. In an innovative move, Wunder will allow investors to opt in or out on a project-by-project basis. The move comes on the back of continuing financial innovation in the U.S. solar industry, with Yieldcos, solar leasing and loans and crowdfunding all facilitating the flow of capital into the development of solar projects.

This latest $1 million fund from Wunder is relatively modest, but it is a model that could be set to grow rapidly. Wunder is a part of the Boulder Techstars accelerator program – which ambitiously describes itself as being the “#1 startup accelerator in the world.”

Wunder launched the $1 million fund on October 7, and it is already over 50% subscribed. Accredited investors have reserved $535,300.

While it is encouraging to see an increasing number of opportunities for potential investors to back solar projects, a major difference in funds such as Wunder’s and crowdfunding, such as Solar Mosaic, is that only accredited investors can participate in the former’s funds.

Interestingly investors who have reserved a spot in a Wunder fund can then accept or decline the offer of investing in a project on a project-by-project basis.

“We know that investing in solar can provide strong returns, but most opportunities are only accessible to big investment institutions and corporations,” said Bryan Birsic, co-founder and CEO of Wunder. “We set out to change that – to provide individual accredited investors with easy access to solar projects. The Wunder Fund is like nothing else on the market. For the first time, any investor can earn strong, diversified returns while having a positive impact on our energy future.”

Wunder was only funded this year and claims to be the first solar company backed by the Techstars incubator program.