Germany: lowest monthly PV installs since March 2009


Former PV industry giant Germany continues to see serious market decline, with only 75.43 MW of new capacity being installed across 5,367 installations in October. This represents a decline on 140 MW in August and 110 MW in September. This is the first time that installations totaled only a double-digit MW figure since March 2009.

Relief in the form of an increase to PV feed-in tariffs is not on the horizon, with the solar FIT having fallen by 0.25% in November, with the rate being carried through into this month. FITs stand at between 12.62 (US$0.157) eurocents to 10.98 (US$0.137) eurocents for rooftop installations smaller than 500 kW. Larger systems must operate as merchant plants, by selling electricity directly onto the market.

The market is clearly feeling the effect of the merchant plant status for commercial rooftops over 500 kW. Only 12 installations connected to the grid in October were larger than 500 kW, with the largest being just over 2 MW.

Between January and October 2014 Germany has seen around 1.69 GW of PV capacity installed to its grids. The figures are published by Germany’s Federal Network Agency.