SEMI: Equipment sales fall as book-to-bill remains negative


The global PV equipment market is certainly not bouncing back to life, but it does appear as if the bottom was reached in 2013. However, there were few signs of a return to boom times in the latest quarterly figures from SEMI with both bookings and billings declining from Q2 2014.

In a positive sign, both billings and bookings were up on a year-on-year basis, registering growth of 36% and 71% respectively on the 2013 doldrums.

The solar equipment supply market remains below book-to-bill parity at 0.60.

Geographically, the European market showed some signs of life, with billings increasing in Q3. However, Asia remains by far the biggest equipment market, with 80% of billings for the quarter.

pv magazine begins its comprehensive series of equipment overviews in the January 2015 edition. In January, the equipment overview with have a materials focus, featuring the latest data from EVA and backsheet providers.