Ecuador: Cumulative PV power reaches 26 MW


Source: pv magazine Latinoamérica

New photovoltaic capacity in Ecuador reached 22.5 MW from January to November last year, making the country the second leading South American market behind Chile, which has some 400 MW installed.

During the month of November the country connected around 3 MW to the grid. According to official data, cumulative PV installations in operation reached 26.37 MW in November, up from a mere 3.87 MW at the end of 2013.

Among the projects that were realized last year are six PV plants with a total capacity of 7 MW and budgeted at $18 million in the provinces of El Oro and La Loja. Built by Italian company Thesan, the installations were completed in November, a spokesman for the group told pv magazine. In addition, Smart Green Holding reported on its website that it had completed a 3.6 MW PV plant in the province of Imbabura in May. Furthermore, last September, Trina Solar shipped 5.9 MW of modules to Ecuador.

In January 2013, 17 companies signed agreements in Ecuador for PV installations with a combined capacity of 287.7 MW, but the progress of these projects has been slow. Ecuador’s first megawatt solar park, the 1 MW Paragachi plant in Imbabura, began operation in 2013.