Turkey targets 5 GW of PV by 2023 in new action plan


Turkey hopes to increase its non-hydro renewable capacity by sevenfold in less than a decade, in a new action plan set down today. The growing economy will look to see 34 GW of hydropower, 20 GW of wind, and 1 GW each of geothermal and biomass.

5 GW of solar has been targeted by 2023 in what is a rather unambitious goal from a country many in the solar industry have looked to for growth. A previous minimum solar target of 3 GW had been set.

Turkey’s Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources developed the action plan with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD). It identifies a number of measures that could be employed to facilitate investment in renewables. These include improving legal frameworks and enhancing grid interconnection.

“This action plan is a roadmap to a big change,” said Terry McCallion, EBRD Director for Energy Efficiency and Climate Change. “The target is ambitious, but with determined and concerted efforts at all levels of government and with the full participation of the industry, Turkey will be able to unlock its green energy potential.”

The EBRD has invested almost €5 billion in sustainable energy projects including the two largest wind farms in Turkey.