Shoals issued patent for PV wire harness with in-line fuses


This patent affords Shoals the exclusive rights to the marketing and sale of their innovative harness solution to solar installations all over the world.

Specifically, the wire harness represented by this patent connects multiple strings of solar modules to a single combiner box in the field; included in the harness are in-line fuses with optional blocking diodes, providing each string of PV modules its own fuse. Thus, in the event of a blown fuse, the damage is contained to a singular string of modules, rather than a more widespread event. The quality pre-fabrication and modular design of Shoals’ patented harness creates faster installation, simpler trouble shooting, and far easier repairs. The sum of which provides EPC installers lower labor and material costs and far better operations and maintenance.

“This patent is the result of years of continued innovation by Shoals and our team of quality engineers. This product has been supplied to gigawatts of installations around the globe, and is one of the staples of Shoals’ portfolio of balance of systems products. Our entire team is thrilled with being rewarded for our ingenuity with this patent and we look forward to achieving even greater innovative heights” said Dean Solon, President and CEO of Shoals Technologies Group.