Flextronics to produce NEXTracker's SPT controller


After a number of years of apparent hiatus, tracking technology continues to gain market share in global PV power plant installations. The growing market has allowed NEXTracker to introduce new technologies, including its SPT solution.

NEXTracker says that its SPT technology can reduce the number of foundations and steel required and “eliminate stress of the drive components by aligning modules with the axis of rotation and simplify AC wiring requirements." NEXTracker SPT eliminates central backup power (UPS) systems with 7 days backup capacity per row, thanks to a separate solar panel perched above the motor.

The selection of Flextronics will allow NEXTracker to roll out the power electronics SPT solution at volume.

“We have been working closely with Flextronics over the last six months to support our expansion, initially at Milpitas [California], and later other locations near customers around the world,” said NEXTracker CEO Dan Shugar. “This partnership affords NEXTracker greater access to rapid and robust scalability, allowing us to meet the tremendously fast-growing demand for our SPT units.”

Flextronics will initially produce the SPT solution at its Californian and Mexican production sites. The company said the sites are well equipped to cope with the “large and growing” demand for the tracking solution. Flextronics is well established as an OEM module producer, having signed supply agreements with a number of firms including SunEdison.

NEXTracker has had a strong start to 2015, with multi-MW order highlights coming from projects in the U.S. and South America.