Germany: First PV tender round closed


The first pilot round of PV tenders is now formally closed. "For every 25 successful projects, the parties have paid the deposit," a spokesperson for Germany’s Federal Network Agency confirmed to pv magazine. Officially, the bidders had until May 19 to pay the deposit. Now the successful parties have 24 months to realize their PV projects.

Under the first round, bidders had until April 15 to submit their tenders for ground-mounted PV systems. Around two weeks later, the Federal Network Agency published the results. The average price for all fees was, according to the agency, €0.0917/kWh, with the lowest coming in at €0.0848/kWh and the highest at €0.0943/kWh.

Overall, the projects have a combined capacity of 157 MW. Eleven of the 25 projects went to the Sybac Group. Trianel and IBC Solar were also awarded more than one in the first round.

The Federal Network Agency received a total of 170 bids for ground-mounted PV systems. Despite the fact 37 had to be ruled out due to various errors, the 150 MW were heavily oversubscribed.

The agency will open the second tender round in mid-June. The bids must then be submitted before August 1. Unlike the first tender, the second will adopt a uniform pricing method. This means that at the end, all projects will obtain the price of the last successful offer. In a pay-as-bid process, which was applied in the first round, the bidders bid for the price of their solar power.

Translated by Becky Beetz.