Fronius launches large-scale string inverter


Austrian inverter supplier Fronius has today announced the launch of a new string inverter that has been specifically designed for use in large-scale solar installations.

The Fronius Eco string inverter is available in the power categories 25.0 and 27.0 kWV, making it compatible with MW-scale solar plants.

The inverter is an addition to Fronius’s SnapINverter range, which has been developed as a cost-effective, easy-to-install addition to the company’s portfolio of inverter solutions.

The Fronius Eco weighs 35.7 kg, meaning it can be installed comfortably by two people, and also features a new MPP tracking algorithm that aids yield maximization, checking the system’s characteristic curve at regular intervals to ensure maximum output, even in partial shading conditions.

“The Fronius Eco is the ideal project inverter,” said Martin Hackl, the company’s head of the solar energy division. “It is easy to service, extremely cost-effective and offers the high quality associated with Fronius.”

The rollout of the Fronius Eco is further confirmation of a recent trend among leading inverter companies to supply three-phase string inverters specifically to large-scale projects. Chinese ICT company Huawei has made a concerted push into this space in recent months, marketing its smart PV power plants that are controlled at MW-scale by its string inverter technology.