Younicos launches North American storage consulting service


Germany-headquartered grid-scale energy storage specialists Younicos has this week launched a new consulting service aimed at the growing storage market in North America.

From the company’s Austin, Texas base, Younicos’ team of energy storage experts will provide a range of storage-related guidance and expertise, including advice and consultancy on system sizing and economic analysis, through to in-depth feasibility studies with specific system deployment recommendations.

As utilities, commercial users, homeowners and communities begin exploring the benefits of adding storage resources to their power systems, Younicos believes that its successful consulting service program in Europe will have an equally positive impact across the U.S. and Canada.

The consulting group has already begun consulting engagements in support of the U.S.’s energy storage requests for proposal (RFPs), and as more project developers look to battery-based energy storage at grid scale, the demand for improved reliability, efficiency of electricity networks, and smart ancillary services such as peak shaving and frequency control, is increasing.

"We’re leveraging our industry-leading expertise built on nearly a decade of experience in energy storage system deployment to help clients determine whether, where and how storage can fit into their power system planning," said Younicos chief consulting officer Robert Manasse. "We’ve deployed nearly 100 MW of advanced battery energy storage systems in the U.S. and Europe, and have fully equipped technology centers in Berlin and Austin. That gives us the knowledge and performance data to deliver top-level advice and analysis, as we as providing a step-by-step process for implementation."

Energy storage has entered the mainstream, Manasse added, particularly as capital costs continue to fall and distributed generation continues to grow.

"Younicos has an unequaled ability to assess feasibility, examine and evaluate options, and lay out a plan for deployment – which we think is of value to anyone looking at energy storage as an option."