Panasonic plans Younicos investment


The Berliner Younicos AG is currently on a growth trajectory in the energy storage market. Already in July, Younicos announced it will seek to grow its presence with more than 150 new positions worldwide by 2017.

And in its bid to reach such a global presence, Younicos is also seeking investors. One of these potential investors looks like Japanese giant Panasonic. According to the German Cartel Office, Panasonic has registered for a merger control. Panasonic however did not give any comments when asked for details.

A Younicos spokesperson told pv magazine that at the moment the company is in an advanced stage of negotiations with strategic investors. He did not give any names however. The investors are said to be from "heterogenous groups from diverse segments of the energy sector, both domestic and foreign". The spokesperson commented further that the investment round will be finalized sometime in late autumn. He added that Younicos will thereafter remain an "open technology" company.

With an additional 150 positions, Younicos will double its current employee numbers. Around two-thirds of the offerings are expected to be in the U.S. and Germany. Up till summer, Younicos has managed to develop a total capacity of 100 MW in terms of storage projects. The pipeline for the company for the upcoming four years is more than 4 GW.

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Translated and edited by Shamsiah Ali-Oettinger