German-made PV modules lead among local installers


While the impact of Germany’s declining solar market can be felt throughout the industry, German-made PV modules remain the top choice for installers, according to a new study by market research group EuPD Research.

In its newly published European PV InstallerMonitor Germany 2015/2016 report, EuPD Research found that German installers are not procuring PV components directly from the manufacturers as often as they did in the past.

Indeed, the majority of PV installers in Germany purchased their PV components indirectly via wholesalers while direct procurement dropped from 44% to 37%, year-on-year, according to the report.

According to EuPD Research, the findings are likely attributable to the declining market and subsequent exits by various manufacturers. The research group pointed out that the increase of indirect procurement was a positive sign for wholesalers, who had been struggling over the last few years.

Among the leading brands among installers, Heckert Solar went from third to first place, becoming the most used module brand in Germany. The three following brands are also German: SolarWorld, Solarwatt and IBC Solar.

"As German end-customers rarely or never request specific brands, this study shows how important the opinion and the attitude of PV installers are, especially in regard to brand choice," EuPD Research said.

In addition to procurement and market penetration, the study also examines issues such as brand management, satisfaction and recommendation and energy storage solutions.

The study also looks at the PV markets of the United Kingdom, France, Italy and the Netherlands. EuPD Research surveyed a total of 650 European PV installers for the 8th edition of the European PV InstallerMonitor.