Borg brings solar to Indian parliamentarians


Texas-based Borg Energy has completed a project to convert nearly 70 residential quarters for India’s members of parliament into 100% green energy efficient spaces.

Borg undertook the initiative for New Delhi’s Central Public Works Department. The company, which operates offices in Delhi and Chennai, recently launched its new Solar Photo Voltaic Power Projects commercial division in India.

Borg Energy India has commissioned three 10 kW on-grid commercial solar PV power plants at the residential flats of members of parliament. The company employed its flagship Vega Series On Grid String Inverters for the project.

This project enables the members of parliament to generate efficient energy for daily domestic use, plan for growth in connected load and substantially save on energy bills, Borg said.

“This was a small yet impactful project through which we have made a large number of residential spaces meant for Indian parliamentarians completely solar energy efficient,” added Borg Energy product manager Krishna Kumar, who added that the company’s solar systems had been customized for India and offered high-efficient yet affordable solutions.

The company stressed that lack of efficiency and high costs had been the two major drawbacks that have held back the wide use of solar energy in India. Borg added that it had conducted extensive research and development in India to produce products that met the country’s requirements “and filled the gaps in Indian solar powered products.”

Borg’s first project in India, described as “highly demanding and challenging,” was to generate off-grid alternative power for lighting the 13th century Vellore Fort, spread over an area of 133 acres (53.8 hectares) in the state of Tamil Nadu. The company was commissioned for the project by the Power Grid Corporation of India Ltd (PGCIL) and the Tamil Nadu state government.