E.ON releases its home storage system, to add to a growing German market


E.ON is the latest energy company to release a home electricity storage devise into the German market, just a couple of months after the first Tesla Powerwall storage systems were installed in German homes. The product launch has come at a good time for stationary battery storage systems connected to solar arrays in Germany, as the market took off in 2015, growing at a faster rate than the electric vehicle market in the country.

The E.ON Aura storage system uses advanced technology to achieve an impressive 93% charge efficiency. It was developed in partnership with SOLARWATT, and has the PV panel and the E.ON Aura electricity tariff as an optional addition.

E.ON assets that the system can more than double a home’s energy independence ratio from around one third to about 70%. “With a storage capacity of 4.4 kilowatt-hours, E.ON Aura can meet the entire electricity needs of a three- to four person family during the evening and night hours,” said Robert Hienz, Managing Director of E.ON Energie Deutschland.

In addition to this, adding extra battery modules, which have an estimated operating life of up to 20-years, can expand the system’s storage capacity to 11KWh.

The E.ON Aura comes with its own app, which allows users to manage and monitor their home energy consumption, while customers who install the PV panel can opt for an exclusive green electricity trariff. “Along with the storage system, customers can opt for our exclusive yet reasonably priced E.ON Aura tariff, which provides electricity service from 100 percent renewable sources,” added Hienz.

Home energy storage in Germany

While there has been a decline in the establishment of new large-scale PV plants in Germany, the home solar + storage system market has experienced quite the opposite trend. Last year, at least 20,000 privately owned stationary storage systems were installed alongside PV systems, according to RWTH Aachen University.

This was a clear indication that German consumers are shifting towards storage solutions alongside solar arrays, in a market that is estimated to be worth EUR1.2bn (US$1.37bn). In February, Tesla installed its first Powerwall storage systems in German homes, and then just last month it began installing them in the U.K. The E.ON Aura will hope to rival the Tesla Powerwall.

SolarWorld will release its own flexible lithium-ion home storage batteries soon, after unveiling them at the Light + Building show in Frankfurt in March.