South Africa: SolarEdge, Tesla Powerwall rollout begins


Israeli PV equipment supplier SolarEdge has begun rolling out its Tesla Powerwall-compatible StorEdge solution across South Africa.

The company reported a number of commissioned installations and it expects more in the coming weeks.

Partnering with local distributor Rubicon, Johannesburg-based electricity solutions provider BrightBlack has implemented the first Tesla Powerwall home battery with SolarEdge’s StorEdge inverter in Africa. BrightBlack installed a 3kW home system that includes nine power optimizers, one StorEdge inverter and a 6.4 kWh Tesla Powerwall.

Port Elizabeth-based solar energy equipment supplier Kwikelec recently installed a 5 kW home system that includes 20 power optimizers, one StorEdge inverter and a 6.4 kWh Tesla Powerwall. The solution allows the homeowner to program the time-of-use in order to use stored power during peak times.

Herolds Electrical in Bloemfontein, meanwhile, is planning to install a demo system.

“We should have at least 10 systems installed by early next week,” said Rubicon sales director Greg Blanford.

Joachim Nell, SolarEdge’s general manager for Africa & Emerging Markets, described the the start of StorEdge and Powerwall installations in the country as “an exciting milestone for SolarEdge in South Africa.”

With load shedding required to stabilize South Africa’s electric grid, storage solutions provide homeowners backup power during grid interruption in addition to increasing self-consumption.

SolarEdge offers its solar energy systems with the StorEdge storage solution, which is compatible with Tesla’s Powerwall home battery and based on a single SolarEdge DC optimized inverter that manages and monitors PV production, consumption and storage.