Motir DuSable and Martifer Solar partner up for 100 MW solar plant in Nigeria


Although fears have been mounting that the solar market in Nigeria may stall before it has really got going, Motir DuSable have made significant progress towards the realization of a large-scale 100 MW PV plant in the country. The company now has the licenses to construct the site and generate the energy, and has partnered with established solar company Martifer Solar to develop the site, while it is also in the final stages of negotiation for a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA).

The proposed plant is due to be constructed in Nigeria’s southeastern Enugu State, with Motir DuSable now in possession of an energy generation license from the Nigerian Energy Regulatory Commission (NERC) for up to 300 MW. Additionally, the company has completed all of the required technical research for the site, and is in the final stages of a negotiating a 20-year PPA with the Nigerian Government.

A huge boost for the project is the addition of established Portuguese solar firm Martifer Solar to help with the development of the project and to provide technical support. Martifer Solar has experience in similar markets, and has worked on solar projects in Africa since 2010.

“We are pleased with this opportunity to expand our growing presence in developing the African market,” said Henrique Rodrigues, CEO of Martifer Solar. “This gridconnected solar plant will help address Nigeria’s persistent power outage challenges and growing power needs.”

It is good news for the Nigerian solar market, amidst fears that it could be about to stall before it has even got going. There was renewed hope that the solar PV market would expand in Nigeria once the new president was inaugurated a year ago, especially considering the rich solar resources within the country. However, a slowdown in economic growth and a fear that the currency is soon to be significantly devalued is concerning investors.

This is not deterring all solar investors, as can be seen from Motir DuSable’s project, and the news of a 50 MW solar PV plant that is due to be constructed in Kaduna state. A $100 million development agreement was signed between Access Infra Africa and Nigerian Quaint Global Energy Solution for that plant, while Motir DuSable’s project will see $200 million invested in it.

“Motir DuSable is poised to invest $200 million into Nigeria for one of the country’s first utility-scale solar power projects,” said Motir DuSable Managing Director Shomik Dutta. “This investment will power millions of homes, create 21st Century jobs and fuel economic growth for decades to come.”