Lerri Solar plans further overseas growth


Now under the banner of China’s largest mono-crystalline silicon manufacturer Longi Silicon, activities have been growing exponentially within Lerri Solar, who, up until recently, was a modest sized cell and module manufacturer. However, now with a taste for forays in foreign markets, the company is already planning further overseas expansions.

After recently setting up subsidiaries in new foreign market, and with capacity upgrades to its facilities in India and Malaysia, Lerri has now undertaken an initiative to increase its influence in other solar markets overseas. The initial step within the plan is to host ‘technical and bankability road shows’ in important PV markets, including in Japan, India, the U.S., Thailand, Australia and the U.K, where Lerri will show off its latest mono-crystalline products.

“In ramping up our manufacturing facilities in India and Malaysia, we have now set up subsidiaries in Tokyo, Frankfurt and San José,” commented Lerri Solar’s Head of Overseas Business Richard For. “These new overseas operations will propel the organization forward to be a truly global solar energy leader.”

The capacity increases in question are significant. At the beginning of 2015, not long after Longi acquired the company, Lerri had a manufacturing capacity of just 250 MW. By the start of 2016, Longi announced that Lerri had a capacity of 2 GW, and that it expected this to increase to 5 GW by the end of 2016 and 6.5 GW by the end of 2017.

These huge capacity expansions have shown in the company’s recent shipments. In the entirety of 2015 it made 760 MW of shipments, and within the first half of 2016 alone Lerri had made 923 MW of shipments in the face of a huge demand in China.