Avancis partners with Sunpartner for BIPV market


Although building-integrated photovoltaics (BIPV) has not grown at the sharp trajectory that it was expected to, there are still plenty of companies making inroads into the market. Avancis is one of the company’s holding the torch for the BIPV industry, and a new strategic partnership with French solar tech company Sunpartner Technologies could be a key to greater market exposure.

The partnership is a collaboration between the two firms to create the next level of energy producing glass. Avancis’ CIGS thin-film technology has been blended with Sunpartner’s experience in energy generating glass to create the semi-transparent WYSIPS Design-Glass, which can be used in construction, especially in smart cities.

The two companies’ offering comes in a variety of different shapes and styles and has been designed to integrate aesthetically into the structural design of the building. The pre-series is due to be available by the end of the year.

“Sunpartner Technologies has an extensive experience in energy generating glass,” commented Avancis CEO Franz Karg. “After two years of intense collaboration, we are pleased to cooperate with an innovative partner with whom we complete decisively our product portfolio for solar facades on a new technological base. Thus, in addition to our existing colored architects’ panels, we will be able to provide basic products for semi-transparent surfaces such as insulating facades, double facades and skylights, too.”

The news comes a week after Avancis launched its new architectural PV module, the PowerMax Skala. The modules, which are available in different colors and sizes, can be used for aesthetical designs of buildings, and can be used as alternative designs to traditional facades.