TerraForm Power reveals proposed settlement with SunEdison


Given the mess that the collapse of SunEdison made and the deep ties between the company and its yeildcos, it is remarkable that TerraForm Power is functioning as well as it is. TerraForm continues to operate as a public company despite massive delays in financial filings and legal and financial scrapping with its former sponsor.

And while the yieldco continues to emphasize that it is focused on maximizing value for shareholders, TerraFormÂ’s overlapping business with SunEdison puts it in a difficult position, particularly as it pursues $1 billion in claims against the bankrupt company.

Today TerraForm Power published a presentation giving an overview of its draft settlement agreement, which had already been sent to certain investors on September 26. This is in line with statements by both sides that a negotiated settlement is preferable to a lengthy and costly court battle…

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