Spain’s 3 GW renewable energy auction to be held on May 17


The Spanish government announced that the long-expected auction for large-scale renewable energy projects will be held on May 17. The government intends to select large-scale renewable energy power projects in the auction. Several renewable energy technologies including solar will compete in the tender, which is the first support scheme for large-scale solar in Spain since 2012.

According to a resolution published by the government on Wednesday, it will allocate around 2 GW of renewable energy generation capacity in the auction. This, however, could be expanded to 3 GW under certain conditions, the government stressed.

The government has also published the maximum value of the offered percentage reduction, which for solar will be 51.22%, while wind power will have percentage reduction of 63.43%. Other renewable energy technologies competing in the auction will have a percentage reduction of 99.9%.

Spain’s energy regulator Comisión Nacional de Mercados y Competencia (CNMC) has published a note on the auction on Wednesday, in which confirms the auction was approved. The CNMC, however, has suggested to change a few rules of the auction in order to make it more “transparent and competitive”.